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   Hi. I'm a songwriter. I am an aspiring artist, too. At my core, I'm a songwriter. ​
​  Born in Texas, I attended elementary school in Phoenix, and I go to high school in the Nashville area.  

   My love of music was inspired by my parent’s 1957 jukebox full of vinyl 45s. For years, I tagged along with my older cousin to every country music concert. 

    I cannot remember when I wrote my first song. Seems like I've always written them. My poems were included every year in my elementary school’s annual best poems book.

Memberships & Accolades:

“She believed she could, so she did.”

Singer / Musician


   In middle school, I performed an original song at a holiday showcase at The MIM. Several times, I performed self-written songs at The Bluebird Cafe. I also played an original at The Hard Rock Cafe and had a 10-song set at an Arizona music festival. Two of my self-written songs were finalist in the Great American Song Contest while I was in middle school.

    Since starting high school, my focus has been on developing my songwriting. I have attended numerous events held by the NSAI, including Song Camp and Spring Training. NSAI recognized me as “One to Watch.” Also, I spent a week in Los Angeles at Berklee’s “It’s All in a Song” songwriting workshop. 
   Most importantly, I recently began co-writing with other songwriters. I've now written with dozens of songwriters.
   I'm a very proud member of SongTown. SongTown really is the best community of songwriters anywhere! I love it! Twice, I've made its "Most Wanted." My self-written song “I'm Buying” was SongTown's "Song of the Year" in 2016. ​​​​