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"Lie A Little" was written with my buddy, Ashley Taylor. We've written more than a dozen songs together. I love this one.
"Two Shots of Heaven" opens with the line, "It's a Saturday night." Funny, since I texted the voice memo idea to Grant Mickelson on a Saturday night. He's a musical genius. 

"Sue Me" was written with my friend Kris Bradley. She's an amazing songwriter and producer. It's a fun song to sing.
"Run Right Back" is a recent self-write. For now, I'm singing it, but I want a guy to sing it when I finish writing it.

"Love Like Strangers" was a topline to a track created by Daniel Ross for a SongTown class. I loved having a pop track to topline. I write pop a lot, and I'm now learning to create tracks.
"I'm Buying" was my first attempt at a topline. Just after turning 15, I attended a Berklee workshop in LA. That was the first time I heard the term "topline." A couple weeks later, I was in my first SongTown class, and wrote this as my first assignment.


“CLYG” (Can’t Let You Go) was created by Notes North Nashville Studio as part of the Opportunity Now youth employment initiative through the Nashville Metro Arts Commission.
I am a proud N4N volunteer, and was thrilled to collaborate on CLYG. Zuzu is the lead vocalist, Divakar, Naja and I provided BGVs. We all wrote the song together! And, there was a magical moment too. The N4N team took the song to Bonnaroo. After being at Bonnaroo for only 45 minutes, Big Gigantic came into the N4N studio while CLYG was being played! They immediately noticed the track and asked the song's story. Dominic (Saxophonist/DJ/ Producer for Big G) laid down some Sax. Needless to say it's AMAZING!  
Moments like this inspire us - the next generation of musicians!

"Heart for Breaking" was tons of fun to write with Ryland Fisher and Joey Ebach. I think you hear that. Joey did an awesome job producing and singing this. I love it.

Right now, these are some of my favorite work tapes and demos. I'm singing the vocal on all of them. I change this section pretty often.

I love writing songs!

One thing that surprised me was how exciting it was to hear someone else sing my song. I love these demos. 

"Leaving for Your Sake" was the first song I wrote with Ryland Fisher, who is an amazing singer, songwriter and producer. I love the singer's voice on this one.

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